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200 Hillwood Ave, Falls Church, VA 22046

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Furnace Maintenance for Northern Virginia and Maryland

Many people choose not to have a maintenance agreement with an HVAC service company because they fear it will be too costly. In the long run, however, it is less costly to maintain your equipment annually. Whether or not you do have the experts at Richard's Heating & Air Conditioning Co., Inc. regularly inspect and maintain your furnace, there may come a day when your furnace needs a repair.

When is that day? No one can accurately predict the day your furnace will stop working and cause you to call in for emergency repairs. If that was possible, everyone would wait until the very day before the breakdown to get their furnace maintenance completed.

Need a Mend? Call Richard's Heating & Air Conditioning Co., Inc.

Even without such a prediction, though, it is possible to know that your heater will soon need repairs. You just have to be observant and look for the telltale signs. First of all, if you hear strange noises or notice strange smells emanating from your furnace, you will likely need some type of HVAC repair. If your heating unit is difficult to start or begins short cycling, you may need repair service from Richard's Heating & Air Conditioning Co., Inc.. If your home has warm and cold spots, that is a sign of uneven heating, and a repair is imminent. Also, if it takes a long time to reach the desired thermostat setting or if your heating bills are getting higher and higher, call in the experts and get your furnace serviced or repaired.

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Luis did an excellent job today on my system. He showed me everything and explained the heating issue thoroughly. I asked several ‘what if’ questions and he is definitely an expert. Great advisor and friendly, professional service.

Jen C

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