The Richards Team
The success of Richards Heating & Air Conditioning Co. is a credit to all of its employees. Throughout the entire company, a feeling of pride in our work, dedication to our job and respect for our customers prevails. Each person at Richards is proud to be part of a highly-respected team.

Ongoing Training
Richards has brought in technical experts from manufacturers and major equipment companies to advise and instruct the entire Richards team in new installation and service techniques. This ongoing training program keeps us current on today’s technological advances.

Our Management Team
The company was founded in 1959 by John Richard (Dick) Smith. Today the company continues as a 2nd generation family business with all four of Dick’s children (Jim Smith, John Smith, Richard Smith and Debbie Geisler) serving as the ownership and management team. Each member of the company’s management team brings their own formidable experience and qualifications. This team, along with their wide experience, gives Richards an outstanding leadership position in the industry. Our approach ensures an efficient and knowledgeable response to our customers’ needs.